Improve Leads – Getting the ‘critical’ Head Start

You have the best product according to you which address a specific problem or an effective solution to a complex situation.  Among competition how is it you would present to an opportunity which gives you an edge or a striking first impression by not only discussing the problem and solution but also within a limited time. Ideas, Products or Services

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Impact of Videos | the winning strategy

We were chasing this customer from say one month and we were finding it tough to even get an appointment to discuss our service offerings. Finally we somehow got 15 minutes to discuss everything. We were at the place 15 minutes prior to our time and got ready to give an interesting presentation. We went inside and after initial ‘im

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Part 2/2: Protect your DATA on Social Profile like FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, etc.

Here it goes, how you ll back up your twitter, Linked in accounts etc. TWITTER: This is ‘in short precise’ to what you want to say, twitter is another popular destination to share your thoughts. You can easily back up your twittered data, how? Here it goes… Click the Gear Icon on twitter home page – > Click Settings –

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Protect your DATA on Social Profile like FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc a lot of social platforms available today. We share a lot of things, we talk about various aspects. How do you manage if your profile gets hacked and your information you posted all these years is lost? Most of the people today share their feelings happy or sad on social platforms. It might be about the

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Make your identity Responsive. Clients too.

Bring in more customers with your enhanced brand presence.


Enhance your Offerings. Customer Delight.

Improved customer experience gives more business.


Tell your story. The most interesting way.

Business explained in pictures is both fun and simple to understand.


Bring your business, Right onto the finger tips.

Android, iOS or Windows, your gateway to the Smart Stores.


Your brand is your promise. Express it.

Strong brand is a source of a promise to your customer, create an impression.