Why your company needs an explainer video? Why it works?

It might be your business presentation in an event or an introduction to a potential customer the first impression can be captivating if started with something interesting about your company.  When you only have few minutes to get that first impression your PPT’s or excel sheets mostly don’t work. An interesting explainer video would definitely do that.


Improve Leads – Getting the ‘critical’ Head Start

You have the best product according to you which address a specific problem or an effective solution to a complex situation.  Among competition how is it you would present to an opportunity which gives you an edge or a striking first impression by not only discussing the problem and solution but also within a limited time. Ideas, Products or Services

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Impact of Videos | the winning strategy

We were chasing this customer from say one month and we were finding it tough to even get an appointment to discuss our service offerings. Finally we somehow got 15 minutes to discuss everything. We were at the place 15 minutes prior to our time and got ready to give an interesting presentation. We went inside and after initial ‘im

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