How to use LinkedIn traffic to help your business development?

September 28, 2015 | Digital Marketing | 2 comments

LinkedIn traffic to help your business development

LinkedIn will be an active traffic source to your business if used wisely compared to other social networks. LinkedIn is the social platform where we can find professionals, active businessmen and women and importantly we can reach decision makers.

This article will give you more insights on how we can drive more traffic from LinkedIn.

Business development falls under

  • Prospecting
  • Lead generation
  • New product launch
  • Implementing specific marketing strategies

LinkedIn has over 350 million members in 200 countries means 350 million prospects available to hear your pitch.

5 ways to optimize LinkedIn for Business Development:

  1. Share engaging content and observe what is being posted:

  • We can engage our prospects only if we know their interests and their care about?
  • Find what topics are being shared
  • Find the companies which are newly connected and what groups they are in? Join them and look at what they are talking about in the groups.
  • Get a shared connection from them
  1. Get more client referrals:

  • Client referrals will play vital role in business development
  • Connect with your client on LinkedIn
  • Make a list of 5 prospects that they know and bring the list with you
  1. Keep your connections updated regularly on your activities professionally:

  • LinkedIn is the perfect place to do so when compared with other social platforms
  • Share an update, which would typically be a short blurb or reminder about something topical.
  • Upload a photo of something exciting, relevant or fun.
  • Remember to ensure to ask people visit your website for more information about your services and expertise.
  1. Create high quality posts on your profile and Website:

  • You really should go beyond the 500 word articles
  • Pose a question to the community/group. This provokes a discussion in the group, meaning more exposure.
  • Keep your posts fresh and of worth to others will have a positive effect on your site activity.
  1. Start Your Own LinkedIn Group or Participate In One Smartly:

  • First and more importantly to promote your blog on LinkedIn is to be visible
  • Always try and deliver quality content which in turn gives confidence to various group managers when you post any topic in their group.
  • Try collating thoughts of your audience and your opinion on that which gives you more mileage
  • LinkedIn is perhaps one of the most effective platforms that can help you redirect new traffic to your blog in no time.


  • LinkedIn is a powerful social networking site where you have people sharing strong business ideas.
  • It gives a first key entry to all the powerful motivator’s thoughts giving you much needed mentor ship in your startup or even if it’s an established organization.
  • Get yourself noticed with these crucial steps and ensure your LinkedIn profile is fresh and engaging to attract more traffic to your site.
  • And as they repeatedly say do not expect things to happen overnight. Like other social networking advertising, you must use LinkedIn with consistency and lots of patience.



  1. Thank you for giving nice information about linkedin.

  2. In Modern marketing social media plays a vital role in image building and customer engagement.

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