We were chasing this customer from say one month and we were finding it tough to even get an appointment to discuss our service offerings. Finally we somehow got 15 minutes to discuss everything. We were at the place 15 minutes prior to our time and got ready to give an interesting presentation. We went inside and after initial ‘im fine your fine’ stuff we dived straight into what we have to present. That person honestly had only 15 minutes and a phone call in the middle ate away precious 5-6 minutes. We could not insist on the presentation but started discussing on their requirements and came to their website. His main concern was that though there are people hitting his site hardly leads are turning up which was a major concern for their management. Their sales team is also finding it tough to convince their prospects and turn them to customers.

We felt we are into that company already. We said we have a fantastic solution to ensure that major percent of the people turning on to their website will end up turning on to their sales. And also their sales team should be in a position to sell the solutions of the company more effectively. That was the crossing point and instead of last one minute we in turn got a complete 2 hours to present the solution.

It might be Social Media or Search Engines the company’s prime objective is to increase the visitors to their website and also the time they spend on it understanding the service offerings and their capabilities. After a lot of hard work and thought process put in to bring visitors and what you have, is a website where the audience don’t know where to go and what to do. If some websites are successful in giving these clues fail to captivate them to stick around. Today companies need more than a website for them to promote their service offering capabilities. It’s this change in dynamics companies started looking at to make their potential leads find everything they intended to say at one place. And that’s the challenge.


Having a person come to your website and stay for an average 5 minutes has really thrown night mares to companies who did spend good money on creating one. Gone are those days websites are just for their online presence and also gone are the days where websites provide lots and lots of content about who they are and what they are into. Today honestly speaking who has the time to read the polished version of the text you put in on your websites which goes at length giving the same picture as most of your competitor’s websites do.

Pictures and specifically moving pictures convey messages more effectively to larger audience in a short time. Yes you guessed it right, its videos which close the gap of reading between the lines and bring that value to companies who want to drive their point straight to their audience and surprisingly in an interesting and adventurous way. May be related to the company or the menu of their service offerings or a specific offering, videos are the best medium to put this point directly into the minds of their potential customers.

Combined with the right mixture of User Interface techniques to give a superb and a special over all user experience to your potential customers, videos speed up the decision-making process of your customers and shortens the deal closure cycle drastically. Add a white board animation to tell your story you can even sell your ideas of products or services to kids as its simple, effective and more importantly interesting.

Today in a country like India, there is a huge scope for video, UX/UI market as today lots and lots of companies started recognizing the importance of video’s, UX/UI to present themselves more effectively. Yes we did sell our solution to this customer of ours and it gives us a triumph in terms of strategy when we learn how fascinating things started working at their end. Today they not only put in more energy into the online digital marketing strategies but also update their videos with their latest offerings to ensure their target audience gets everything they wanted not only at one place but at their finger tips.

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