Protect your DATA on Social Profile like FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc a lot of social platforms available today. We share a lot of things, we talk about various aspects. How do you manage if your profile gets hacked and your information you posted all these years is lost?

Most of the people today share their feelings happy or sad on social platforms. It might be about the person who became special at later stage, it might be his son’s first picture, an occasion, a break up, a new place worth visiting or a place you are now anything. That’s the role of a social platform in our lives today we can’t imagine a life without. Not only we care about posting our daily life routines its our responsibility as well to take care of the information posted. Yes this article gives you such process of backing up your social profiles.


A prominent social platform where you share anything and everything on your wall. A picture, a video and leave about the likes and comments we post right from creating our profile on this exciting medium. Did you ever check the option of backing up your data on FB or rather the necessity? Yes you can and here how it is done.

Go to “Account Settings” and at the bottom of the page you see “Download a Copy“. Once you click that a new window opens and shows “Start my Archive” option. You need to enter your credentials and click the submit button. Information of your entire profile is checked and a link to download will be sent to the Email Id being used or registered. The time taken to send this back up link depends on your profile data if its huge it takes some time to generate the link and send.

Click the link sent to your mail id, “Download Archive” option would be given and follow the same process of entering your credentials your data will be downloaded in Zip format. Extract the Zip folders and you can see your complete data right there on your machine. All the photographs shared will be shown in a separate folder and your FB profile has different albums each album will be shown as a separate folder. Same applies for videos as well. While the text messages will be visible in the html folder and all the chat messages will be shown in Message page.

And again this downloaded folder we should ensure is secured as right from the chatting history to status messages will be there at one place. If someone gets access to this folder your personal details might get stolen. Its preferred to have this folder locked with any password.

Will share how to back up other social platforms shortly.

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